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You have heard of Fantasy Football... Fantasy Basketball... Fantasy Baseball... The list goes on and on of the sports who offer fantasy play to what are known as Fantasy Owners. Fantasy sports engages the fans, inviting them to be a part of any particular sport by way of gaming and competition. This competition can be among friends and family and co-workers, or it can be in a "public league" of sorts where the players don't really know their opponents.

But what about wrestling? Why is it that there are millions of fans of professional wrestling (sports entertainment), yet there aren't any legitimate, time-tested and proved Fantasy Wrestling companies out there? Well...that brings me to the reason why you are here...

Welcome to GLOBAL WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT! Also known as GWE. At GWE, we have invested time, money, and much energy into what we feel is the greatest "fantasy-style" wrestling company in the world. Using our trademark method of determining winners, each and every match will get you closer and closer to the GWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt! You can be a singles Wrestler, or you can be a Manager of two, three, or even a stable of up to four wrestlers!

Enjoy real life prizes, given away monthly to top achievers, as well as annually at "The GWE Victory Awards"! Start your career today and begin earning trophies, plaques, wrestling event tickets, and even a real wrestling belt!!

Step #1: Your Career in Fantasy Wrestling begins @ "GWE Developmental"!

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